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optile aims at revolutionizing online payment experience for both businesses and end customers. By bringing all the players of the global payment market together in one unified layer, we strive to establish an open payment ecosystem, where transparency, flexibility, and independence are fundamental pillars. With a team of more than 75 payment experts and enthusiasts, we accumulate our profound skills and a thorough understanding of innovative online payment technologies to provide businesses with the best open payment platform of the next generation.

optile is a dynamic, international, fast growing tech company that delivers best-in-class, frictionless payment experiences for global businesses to stay ahead of competition while delighting their customers.

Our History


Daniel Smeds founded optile, with the idea to give a new impulse to the payment market and create an open payment world, which would offer an unprecedented payments experience for both businesses and end-customers. After Daniel gathered valuable expertise as Technology Director at Wirecard and as Founder and Managing Director at PAY.ON, he started to create a unique open payment technology to serve as a cloud infrastructure for all payment methods, providers, processes, and data structures worldwide.

With these objectives in mind, optile has been brought to life. “opt” in optile means short for optimization whereas “tile” metaphorically stands for lego bricks that represent interrelated and unified payment components. The optile team is building a new type of a modular payment platform eliminating any restrictions and legacy that a traditional Payment Service Provider (PSP) would have. Our international and fast-growing tech company delivers best-in-class, frictionless payment experiences for global businesses to stay ahead of competition while delighting their customers.

"My passion is to make very complex problems really simple, which is important in the world of payments. I believe that the perfect customer experience of the future can be only enabled by highly-integrated, modular, and truly open infrastructures where all parties can easily join the ecosystem while freely maintaining their individuality and global diversity."

Why optile?


Customers expect services and products to be purchased instantly, no matter where they are or which device they use. Thus the paramount task of e-businesses is to identify real needs and expectations of today’s customers and entice them with offered products or services. To present the customer journey as smooth as possible, businesses tap into innovative and easy-to-integrate technologies that react to customers’ wishes and enhance customer experience accordingly. With a strong focus on delivering unbeatable customer experience, our next-generation open payment platform provides global businesses with an agile modular technology to exceed any expectation of their customers while being able to flexibly operate their payment setup.

Meet our team 


Online payment professionals with profound expertise and a truly international spirit.

What’s Next?

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