Diversity at the Workplace: Shades of Green at optile

 February 18th, 2020

Diversity at optile


Author: Sandra Abbiss-Kallender,

Head of People Operations at optile

With its sound economic development and stable political framework, Germany attracts diverse talent from all around the globe. Munich in particular with its word-class universities, beautiful surrounding countryside and fun culture influenced by beer (e.g. the annual beer-festival “Oktoberfest”) and sports (FC Bayern München), is a powerful magnet for anyone seeking career opportunities in fast growing, high-tech areas. 

Now guess where a large portion of incoming international talent can be found? Mainly at the so-called “global players” in the employment market in and around Munich, such as BMW, Airbus or Siemens, just to name a few. But what about smaller businesses?  

While there is a lot of talk about diversity in our modern world, the reality at the workplace in Munich´s tech-related SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) scene is often different: most of its professionals are German speaking males. However, this is not the case at optile. 

Facts and Figures: the optile Workforce in Numbers 

With 57% of optile´s 74 member staff being female and colleagues from 25 nations, our team members are climbing the same mountain every day to create an open payment world. We truly embrace diversity at the workplace! 

Our eclectic mix of backgrounds provides us with unique tools for problem solving. “We’re so diverse at optile that we do translations for our software in-house for more than half of our supported languages” – Tal SelaProduct Lead. 

The optile International Family

Our business goal is to provide enterprises with access to the entire payment world. And within optile, our interpersonal mission is very similar: we believe that working with people with different backgrounds and strengths (irrespective of gender, race, religion, age or any other criteria) builds creativity and a fun working environment.  

“Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to grow. Companies should prioritize diversity to establish a thriving workspace. They can do this by acknowledging and empowering the personalities behind their projects” – Olha Getalo, Marketing and Communications Lead.  

We work to create a workforce without boundaries. We welcome talent from around the world. In order to better connect with one another, our common ground is English as a working language and the principle of respect and professional recognition. Everybody deserves a chance to contribute to our success.  

When Colleagues Become Friends 

Naturally, as anybody who has travelled the world has experienced, being new to a foreign place can be intimidatingOften when we feel like strangers in a new city, our colleagues make our office feel like home. 

“Living abroad can be difficult at times, but optilers make sure they are always there for you as a friend or as a mentor. optile is the best place for expat´s to work and grow in your career. At optile we speak the world.” – Deepika KarvaInside Sales Manager. 

Here at optile, strangers meet colleagues who turn into friends. This is exactly what many of our employees experience and highly appreciate about working at optile. Our office is where we enjoy breakfast together, share laughter over lunch and set out from to explore Munich’s night life 

Join the optile Family

Looking for diversity in the workplace? Then click here to join our team or check for openings.

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