• enjoy a uniform corporate identity
  • strengthen the power of your brand
  • easily onboard and manage your merchants
  • get high-level helpdesk support

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optile Y – the payment experience belongs to you

Developed for platform operators and ecosystems, optile Y allows for the management and support of a complex multi-merchant environment. Your merchant network can use one-store infrastructure while having their own payment setup. The White Label services of optile Y enable a brand-compliant and uniform, yet individualized payment experience for each of your affiliates.

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Merchant Management

step 1


Easily onboard your new merchants, by defining roles and access rights for each user. Our onboarding process is so easy to follow that merchants can complete it independently.

step 2


Give your merchants the freedom to independently configure their payment processing from defining their payment setup to creating payment routing flows and designing checkout.

step 3


Get a clear overview of your merchants’ payment setup, performance, and transaction history. Celebrate the success shared between you and your affiliates!

Support from optile

For us, customers always come first: we will always help you with any technical issue.

Onboarding Guides

Increase the speed of provider integration with our easy-to-follow guides in your own CI.

Integration Testing Checklists

Make sure that everything is going as planned with our provider integration testing checklists.

Training Sessions

Stay up-to-date with the most recent developments at optile and receive regular training sessions.

White Label

  • enjoy a uniform corporate identity across all business applications and for all your affiliated partners
  • strengthen the power of your brand and style the payment experience for your affiliates in accordance with your branding guidelines
  • adapt your own design to any of optile’s payment data and configuration applications and onboarding interface
  • access the entire optile portal under your own custom URL

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