Game Developers Conference

 March 18 - March 22

Taking place on 18th-22nd March in Moscone Center, San Francisco, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) is designed to exchange innovative ideas and discuss the future of the game industry. This world’s largest game industry conference brings together 28,000 attendees including business decision-makers, programmers, and other professionals.

During the intensive 5-day program you will have ample opportunities to explore the insights of the industry and network with industry experts. At the event, you can find out about the latest game development tools and services from 550 leading technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Intel, Nvidia, Oculus, Sony, and Unreal Engine.

Control your payment game

Provide an added value to the gaming experience you offer. Find us at the GDC conference and learn how to:

  • increase acceptance rates by routing your transactions
  • accelerate your time-to-market by integrating any preferred local and global payment player
  • automate payment processes with optile’s open and modular architecture
  • manage recurring payments and reduce transaction failure
  • keep your customers in the subscription cycle
  • safely store payment data & eliminate fraud

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