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Delivering a Unified Payment Experience

Today, customers demand an immediate and frictionless payments experience. They expect to make their purchases in a unified manner – without having a necessity to constantly switch between the applications and platforms of different merchants. These expectations drive digital businesses to create partnerships with affiliated merchants and build digital ecosystems that are designed around the complete customer journey.

What if your business could establish not just a “partnership” with affiliated businesses, but instead create and nurture your own perfect ecosystem where end-customers would have all they need at their fingertips while never even thinking of leaving for a competitor? Such an ecosystem could delight your customers with express payments for any service, and your linked partners would enjoy customer loyalty while keeping their own payment setup, without any complexities in the way.

optile X – Created for Your Digital Ecosystem

optile X is a modular, holistic solution that gives an opportunity for global platforms to create their own open payments ecosystem. optile X stands for Xperience and Xchange: it offers both smooth customer experience achieved by Express Checkout and exchange of the sensitive customer data between all the parties involved in the payment process within the ecosystem. The goal of optile X technology is to create a barrier-free, smooth payment communication between multiple platforms, businesses, and end-customers.

optile X offers:


  • a centralized customer base that is accessible for independent merchants within open marketplace
  • an access to a uniformly consolidated payment data via smart analytics and reporting tools
  • lower internal and external costs

and more:


  • higher conversion and retention
  • stronger brand identity
  • increased profit margins through easy up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • improved customer journey with loyalty programs
  • kickbacks from linked partners within your ecosystem

More opportunities and capabilities of this solution will be available soon. To learn more, please us at

Designed for Your Business Success

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