K5 2018

 July 3 - July 4

The K5 Future Retail Conference will take place from 3-4 July at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, bringing retailers, brands, service providers, and professionals together to build the future of retail.

With 100 exhibitors and 100 speakers on 4 different stages, optile is excited to explore the opportunities that K5 has to offer for payment solution providers within the retail industry.

Past editions of K5 have included presentations from top ecommerce companies such as Zalando and Westwing.de, as well as discussions about trending topics in retail, such as mobile shopping and the shifting value pools within ecommerce supply chains. Last year, the K5 conference attracted 2,500 attendees from all different sectors in the online retail scene, including both retailers and service providers as well as all different sizes of enterprises, from startups to large corporations.

optile is looking forward to visit the K5 conference, learning about emerging trends and companies in the ecommerce scene. Contact us to make an appointment to learn how to:


  • Go global faster;
  • Cut transaction costs;
  • Personalize your customer experience and increase conversion;
  • Stay on track with your business performance.


To see more information regarding the 2018 K5 Future of Retail Conference, please visit the website at: https://www.k5-conference.com/?lang=en

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