MediaShop Scales Payments with optile to Drive International Growth

 June 8th, 2020

E-Commerce and Payment Challenges

In today’s age of globalization, online payments play a vital role in opening up local markets to the global needs of modern commerce. The ability to offer diverse products along with a convenient and stress-free payment experience to consumers is important in establishing one’s brand. MediaShop is a solid example of a successful commerce venture. However, along with success comes a multitude of hurdles, especially technological ones that need to be negotiated to maintain operations at a high level.

The online payment process is one of the key aspects that can make or break an online business. With a host of payment providers and methods available globally, it it is often difficult to find the right payment partner — one which is adept at keeping complexities to a minimum while granting access to the desired payment solutions. The simplification of their payment process by unifying payment flows and reducing complexity to facilitate expansion into new countries was the main reason for MediaShop to partner with optile.

The Story of MediaShop

Today after beginning its journey in 1999, MediaShop AG is an international TV shopping platform operating in over 40 countries worldwide. They provide DRTV (Direct Response Television) advertising to 172 TV channels with hundreds of hours of product advertising on a daily basis which reaches more than 150 million consumers. MediaShop’s comprehensive portfolio includes the latest kitchen, household, leisure, fitness, wellness, and beauty products.

The bulk of their sales are through two main channels: television advertising, which triggers their call center sales, and e-commerce. However, with the television advertising industry decreasing in intensity and the online space booming, they decided to strengthen their online presence with a vision to ultimately unify the payment processes for their e-commerce and call center sales.

MediaShop and optile: A Solid Partnership

Payment processing can become very cumbersome depending on the complicated nature of a merchant’s existing payment infrastructure. The growing number of payment integrations typically results in time wasted via management and troubleshooting issues.

In 2017, MediaShop approached optile with exactly this point of concern. Ernst Krippl, Head of E-commerce Technology at MediaShop said “We contacted optile primarily because we had trouble with the direct integration of payment by invoice” further commenting that their payment setup was complex, and they needed more unified payment flows.

The effortless and fast connectivity to any payment method or provider around the globe is guaranteed by optile’s Provider Delivery Promise. MediaShop found it to be a good fit to their “Always Something New” promise since, along with introducing new products to their shoppers, they can now always offer them their favorite ways to pay.

optile’s POP offers businesses with simple yet advanced tools to connect to their preferred payment methods while maintaining the modularity and flexibility of on-the-fly integration and testing within their infrastructure. MediaShop experienced this firsthand by integrating with optile’s platform.

Scaling Payments Using Payment Orchestration

optile’s open Payment Orchestration Platform (POP) helped MediaShop scale faster by quickly connecting to country-specific providers and methods so as to offer international customers convenient ways to make payments.

Through optile, MediaShop currently processes various credit cards and enables a number of alternative payment methods in many countries across Europe. To offer more localized payments in Belgium and the Netherlands, optile connected MediaShop to Bancontact, iDEAL, and Paysafe Pay Later, which provides payments via invoice and installments. Also, Dutch and Belgian shoppers along with the customers from the DACH region can now enjoy payments via PayPal.

In the near future, optile will help MediaShop to incorporate PostFinance for their Swiss customers. MediaShop is also very keen to explore optile’s routing functionalities and enjoy higher payment acceptance rates due to tailored and country-specific transaction flows.

The Implement-Once Promise

optile’s Implement-Once Promise was one of the key benefits that MediaShop could leverage. Upon a one-time integration of optile’s open single API, MediaShop experienced a whole new level of payment flexibility.

With optile, they could freely manage their payment connections while trying out new payment options with ease at any time. This allowed the quick integration of preferred region-specific payment methods, making it convenient for MediaShop to offer exactly what customers desire.

Additionally, the step-by-step migration of their existing payment methods to optile was also achieved with on-the-fly method adjustment in runtime. As a result, the amount of effort that they spent on managing their payment infrastructure was drastically reduced.

Expansion into the Eastern European Market

optile brought a host of new opportunities to expand their operation in Eastern Europe. Due to optile’s expertise with the Eastern European payment landscape, MediaShop was able to provide their customers in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Turkey with just the right localized payment mix. Ernst Krippl detailed their successful expansion by saying, “As we did not know which payments are popular in Eastern Europe, optile gave us a close view of the market and helped us make important decisions.”

Customer Support is King

A service provided is only as good as the support behind its smooth operation. optile’s support team played a key role in ensuring a successful integration of MediaShop’s own platform with optile’s POP while ironing out any issues experienced during the testing phase, as well as post going-live.

In the words of Ernst Krippl, “support at optile is just great. No other company is that customer-oriented.”

optile’s Project Management and Customer Support teams were truly just a phone call away throughout the entire onboarding process of MediaShop. Even today, Ernst Krippl lauded optile’s Customer Support by saying, “I can always call Simon and ask him questions, and in most cases, I get my response right away because he really knows everything.”

Partnering for Future Success

With globalization comes tremendous opportunities to cater to a larger audience and e-commerce is inevitably on course to explode. Hence, capturing niche markets quickly with the help of a payment orchestration provider like optile is essential to leading the business into a new and sustainable age of shopping.

The MediaShop-optile partnership has yielded great results. optile has brought MediaShop an expansion of market space into new regions, a unification of their payment process and a reduction of downtimes, just to name a few benefits. Moreover, optile has reduced MediaShop’s expected technical and operational efforts as the company looks for future payment unification of its e-commerce and call centers.

With new horizons to explore together, Ernst Krippl solidified MediaShop’s trust in optile when he said, “We are happy to have partners like optile. Nearly no other payment player can handle payment complexity as optile has for us.”

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