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 May 11th, 2020

As you may have seen, our optile team will be expanding after our recent entry into the Payoneer family. As we are planning on growing and stepping into new marketplaces, we’ve brought a new set of leaders on board to help us move forward.

Anna Arteeva

Anna Arteeva

Head of Product Design

Anna is pushing for excellence in optile’s Design and User Experience. Her technical and visual background, combined with her broad experience in Product Design & Strategy allow her to take an interdisciplinary approach to her work. 

Fun Facts:I constantly crave adventures and challenges. They make me explore new destinations and push my limits. I am obsessed with mountains and summiting them through different means: hiking, cycling, climbing and occasionally flying (happened once so far). Making ideas come to life is my area of expertise: I started a surf camp, organized a Halloween party in the mountains and crossed the Alps by bike. The crazier the better.” 

Julia Tschawdarow

Julia Tschawdarow

VP of Marketing & PR 

After completing her studies in Business Administration, Julia was responsible for PR & Marketing at the Berlin-based payment company RatePay for 9 years. In addition, Julia has been managing the annual conference known as the Payment Exchange for Payment and Banking since 2015. At optile Julia creates communications and marketing strategy, builds content and organizes events. 

Fun Facts: “After being born and raised on an island, I lived in Berlin for almost 15 years. I like the diversity, international people and endless opportunities for culture, food and politics that the city cultivates. I love eating pasta, pizza and tomatoes with mozzarella along with fresh basil. I’ve been working for almost 10 years and I love working in start-ups and seeing them grow. “ 

Sandra Abbiss-Kalleder

Sandra Abbiss-Kalleder

VP of People Operations

Sandra has worked in several HR roles during the past 18 years and most recently as head of HR-Strategy and Head of Group HR for an international construction firm. She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in strategic HR initiatives and change across large organizations. Sandra is working to build organizational infrastructure at optile to support the company achieve its business goals and integrate into the Payoneer family.

Fun Facts: “As a student, I was part of a TV spot in an advertising campaign for a Japanese beer brand. I love eating and drinking and I have an extensive collection of dresses at home, but I am absolutely hopeless with cooking and sewing. As a child I had to learn to play the Accordion, this was a skill that, especially as a teenager, I tried to hide from my friends or any potential love interest. My other hobbies include Egyptian and European history along with gardening.”

Stefan Buck

Stefan Buck

Chief Product Officer 

Stefan has built and run several product and delivery organizations and managed IT solutions for over two decades in Insure-tech, Fintech and Payments. Previously, he created and led Wirecard’s global credit card acquiring processing platform ecosystem and managed multiple teams in various countries. Stefan joined optile for a new perspective regarding an open payment ecosystem and is excited to build new products while scaling the organization.  

Fun Facts:I am a mountain guy, a passionate hiker, mountaineer & skier, I love to play beach volleyball, I read tons of low-tier science fiction books, and I need to be kept away from OBI and Amazon and the gadget offering they provide…”

With our new talent and experience at optile we are eager for many exciting changes to come. Stay tuned for more! 

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