optile Introduces its New Logo

 March 22nd, 2018

optile Introduces its New Logo as a Part of a Brand Identity Update


Munich, March 22nd, 2018 – Today, optile, a Munich-based open payment platform for global online businesses, is happy to announce the update of its brand logo. The new refreshed logo shows the development of optile as a forward-thinking company since its founding in 2010 as well as reflects the company’s ambition to continuously keep pace with the latest innovations in payments and technology.

At the heart of optile’s open and independent payment solution lies simplification and continuous optimization of all payment-related processes. This company’s approach combined with its strong spirit for innovation and transparency is mirrored in a modernized update of optile’s logo. The makeover was also aimed to be aligned with the latest tendencies and trends in corporate logo and brand design all over the globe and thus meant to give a fresh look for optile as a brand. Besides, striving for unification, the purpose of the logo update was to increase coherence in the visual appearance of the brand across digital devices and online portals as well as various kinds of print materials.

The goal of the logo redesign was not to completely transform optile as a brand, but rather to sharpen and modernize its fundamental values. Originally, the creation of optile’s logo has been inspired by möbius, a three-dimensional figure that geometrically has only one side and one boundary and thus serves symbolically as a sign of continuity. For this reason, möbius was taken as a metaphoric representation of optile’s “Implement Once” technology which continuously provides businesses with limitless access to the whole payment world. optile automatically unifies all payment-related processes and continuously updates all the modules if the changes have been made in the system. The new logo has therefore kept the möbius as a symbol for optile’s approach to a frictionless payment experience. However, to give optile’s logo a modern and fresh touch and get rid of complexity, the figure has now been represented in a simplified and polished way.

“optile strives to create an open, transparent, and simple payment world for international businesses and our branding message should communicate that objective too”, says Evgenia Rud, Head of Marketing and Sales Communication at optile, “by refining our logo optile reinforces its commitment to continuously optimize all payment-related processes to ensure a seamless and efficient online payment experience”.


About optile


optile is a solution built to optimize the online payment world both for business enterprises and their end-users. With optile’s open payment platform, businesses can leverage unlimited payment opportunities by accessing any payment method and provider worldwide. In this way, they can gain independence, flexibility, and freedom in choosing the payment solution that fits their own business strategy. Our open payment platform comes with a significantly reduced implementation time, minimizing technical and operational expenses for online enterprises. Meanwhile, end-consumers can experience a whole new level of payment due to optile’s customer registration logics and personalized checkout.

optile serves digital leaders and technical platform businesses from retail, travel, dating, gaming, and other industries.

For more information, please visit https://www.optile.net/en or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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