optile Presents a New Risk Management Tool

 July 26th, 2018

Powerful Revenue Protection for Online Businesses: optile Presents a New Risk Management Tool


Munich, July 26th, 2018 – Today, optile, a next-generation open payment platform for global online businesses, announces the official launch of its Risk Management tool – an advanced fraud protection technology. Developed for power users, optile’s Risk Management provides flexibility to e-businesses and enables individualization of their risk assessment and prevention without sacrificing their revenue. From now on, the tool is available for optile’s business customers on demand and can be accessed via optile’s Merchant Portal.


The newly developed Risk Management tool facilitates fraud prevention through a wide range of customizable features combined with a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate user interface. With it, businesses can easily operate their risk environment by individually creating, adapting, and extending risk rules and conditions. The rules and conditions can be mixed and matched in any preferred manner and be assigned to separate countries or lists of customers. Fraudulent activity can be identified via customer behavior, physical locations, customer data, payment details, and velocity checks that help to trace repeating transaction patterns. For a more precise fraud control, the tool enables detailed risk assessment and management due to dive-ins into separate transactions.


“Taking into account the needs of Fraud Managers, optile’s Risk Management is specifically designed for power users and thus focuses on full flexibility and personalization,” comments Tal Sela, Product Lead at optile. “Instead of offering a limited set of predefined risk rules, our tool allows users to customize their risk prevention in a way that is tailored to their business.”


About optile


optile is a next-generation payment platform that delivers a complete virtualization of the global payment market and thus serves as a cloud infrastructure for all payment methods, providers, processes, and data structures. With optile’s open payment platform, businesses can leverage unlimited payment opportunities by accessing any payment method and provider worldwide. Hence, they can gain independence, flexibility, and freedom in choosing the payment solution that fits their own business strategy. optile’s platform comes with a significantly reduced implementation time as well as minimizes technical and operational expenses. Meanwhile, end-customers can benefit from a whole new level of personalized payment experience due to optile’s advanced checkout architecture.

optile serves digital leaders and technical platform businesses from retail, travel, dating, gaming, and other industries.

For more information, please visit https://www.optile.net/ or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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