optile and Payoneer Join Forces

 December 10th, 2019

We’ve Got Great News…

optile recently joined the Payoneer family and several new developments are on the way! With this welcome change, we’re happy to fill you in on the bright road ahead.  

In The World of Digital Payments, Payoneer Goes Beyond 

Payoneer is a digital platform working to connect businesses and professionals through a suite of services including cross-border payments, working capital, tax solutions and risk management. By offering secure, flexible, low-cost solutions, Payoneer empowers enterprises, marketplaces and SMBs to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally . 

Above all, their mission is to “Go Beyond”. Their culture pushes boundaries with their respective values of transparency, humility, passion, inclusion, action and excellence.  

Chinese Payoneer event

optile And Payoneer Share Similar Beginnings

Both organizations started small with the same vision of providing open access to the world of payments.  

Not too long ago, Payoneer was a burgeoning payment startup, similar in size to optile. They began their payment journey from New York City in 2005, seeking to simplify cross-border commerceoptile on the other hand entered the world of payments from Munich in 2010 with the goal of creating an open payment world.   

Fast forward to 2019 and Payoneer is now a global force with 1,400 employees and 18 global officesestablishing itself as the market leader in mass payouts from marketplaces and enterprises like Amazon, Airbnb, Google and Facebook to small businesses worldwide. Meanwhile, we also grew to over 75 employees from 25 nationalities.   

optile at oktoberfest

Our Complementary Goals and Technologies Complete A Comprehensive Payment Service

Payoneer sought out a technology that could further propel them towards their goal of building a platform that drives global growth worldwide, democratizing opportunity and reducing complexity in today’s borderless worldoptile fits well into this role as it caters to the needs of expanding global businesses while connecting them to an entire open payment ecosystem. 

optile has expertise in payment acceptance for merchants. Payoneer has powerful pay-out technologyThus, by combining both organizations, we will in time be excited to offer a complete end-to-end solution.  

Together, with Payoneerwe will continue improving the world’s leading payment orchestration platform and take it global. Aside from the mutual strategic benefits, this move is fitting because of our like-minded people and company cultures. 

Both Organizations Believe That An Inclusive Culture Breeds Excellence In Payments

Even after a 10-year journey through payments and technology, optile retains its startup mindset. As an organization, we’re not afraid to be different and push forward to create new examples for the payment industry to follow. We believe that it takes a diverse, enthusiastic, and fun team to create a sophisticated, multi-faceted product.  

Similarly, Payoneer truly believes in inclusion and that everyone regardless of location and culture, deserves an equal opportunity to succeed 

Both optile and Payoneer know and value the fact that people are the force behind any transaction in global commerce. optile Founder and CEO Daniel Smeds echoes this shared sentiment on the ties between a customer-centric approach and the future of payments.  

“Payoneer shares our obsession with customer experience, meeting their needs today while preparing them for tomorrow, and are equally committed to bringing simplicity, flexibility and scale to today’s digital business.” said Daniel Smeds, optile Founder and CEO 

Further Collaboration And Shared Growth IRight Around The Corner 

optile’s team will continue to operate independently within the Payoneer family. We will strive to improve our offering, refining the payment orchestration platform which empowers global businesses for growth. 

Ware creating an open payment worldproviding services to online merchants in a way that is truly agnostic. This serves as a valuable extension to Payoneer’s vision of a powerful end-to-end payment platform for enterprises, marketplaces and SMBs. 

Together, both organizations will complement each other in fueling growth for global businesses, comprehensively addressing the issues of payments and ensuring independence and flexibility throughout the payment market.  

Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneeradded, “We’re excited to welcome the optile team into the Payoneer family. We share a belief that in today’s fast-changing world filled with endless opportunity, businesses all over the globe are looking for an open platform that empowers them to connect to the providers that meet their growing needs while simplifying and streamlining the process. 

As an organization, we’re excited to join the Payoneer family and eager to embrace the growth which is on the horizon.  

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