MRC European Conference

 May 13 - May 15

The world renown conference for fraud, risk, and payment professionals known as MRC European Conference will be taking place from 13th – 15th of May in London. By sharing their best practices and discussing upcoming industry trends, MRC has become a community of experts who aim to improve the payment experience for e-commerce.

This year, the MRC European Conference welcomes more than 200 merchants from various e-commerce industries and more than 600 professionals including solution providers, issuers, card brands and law enforcement organizations. Visitors will have a chance to exchange their ideas and network during numerous workshops, group discussions, keynotes, and more.

Being an open payment platform of the next generation, optile is excited to visit the conference and to have an opportunity to start a conversation about innovation in payments.

Shaping the future of payments with optile

We look forward to meeting you at the MRC European Conference. Let’s discuss the latest trends in payments!


  • Learn how to respond to customer demands
  • Personalize your payment experience
  • Create new revenue streams by buliding your own payment ecosystem
  • Explore the benefits of global registrations, and one-click and express checkout


May 13-15, 2019

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Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London

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