optile Cooperates with ratenkauf by easyCredit

 December 4th, 2018

optile Cooperates with ratenkauf by easyCredit


Payment by Instalments Drives Revenue of Online Businesses


Munich, 4th December 2018 – today optile, a next-generation open payment platform for global online businesses, announced a strategic partnership with ratenkauf by easyCredit, the first seamless online installment service offered by a fully licensed bank. The cooperation aims at enabling more and more online businesses that are active in a German market to grow their customer base and revenue  by seamlessly introducing an instalment option.

Customer loyalty, being one of the key drivers of growing conversion rates, positively reflects on the revenue of online merchants: according to Adobe Digital Index 2012, returning customers generate 38% revenue, even though they make up only 20% of the entire customer base. In order to effectively build up and further expand the customer baseonline businesses need to meet customer’s demands and expectations. This means, if the customer wants to pay by installments, he should be offered this option – with hindsight, this can persuade them to come back and become a loyal customer.

In Germany especially, where 58% of shoppers consider the installment option and every 9th explicitly demands to pay by installments[1], offering installment purchases is crucial for a business success. This year’s ibi research study reports that 70% of online businesses could track revenue increase after an installment option was implemented. In addition, customer satisfaction plays a crucial role: those who do not want to lose their customers should also value checkout optimization and offer buyers a fast, secure and convenient payment experience. freedom in choosing popular local or global payment methods is also an important factor to customers.Having spotted an important role of introducing payments by installments, optile and ratenkauf by easyCredit together strive to help online businesses, that are active in or planning to expand to the German market, to drive profits and increase customer satisfaction.

Same as customers want flexibility and ease by paying online, so do businesses want freedom and flexibility in managing their payment setup, no matter in which markets they are operating in. With optile’s open technology, merchants connect to optile only once and can implement any preferred payment method, provider, or third-party service, giving their online shoppers an individual, tailor-made payment experience. Leveraging optile’s strength in frictionless integrations, any existing or future optile’s business customer can integrate ratenkauf by easyCredit by click, without the need to introduce any changes to their payment infrastructure. Thus, along with the payment mix of global and local payment possibilities, optile will enable merchants to introduce their shoppers to ratenkauf by easyCredit, a seamless installment option: installments for 6-36 months periods, possibility to customize or defer monthly rates, no post ident verification and more benefits.


Quote from Hannes Rogall, Head of Product and Sales at ratenkauf by easyCredit

„Via cloud architecture, optile virtualizes the payment market and enables online shops to integrate any payment method and any payment service provider into their checkout process. No additional technical effort is required, since the implementation happens via a single global interface. With it, merchants can be flexible and free by choosing their payment partner and thus create their own payment ecosystem. The individual adjustment and design of the payment setup optimizes conversion and improves the customer lifetime value. Due to the cooperation with optile, we at ratenkauf by easyCredit can leverage completely new, yet unexplored potentials and perform even more effectively”


Quote from Christian Burgis, Senior Partner Manager at optile

“We are very glad to welcome ratenkauf by easyCredit in our Open Payment Ecosystem. The multi-channel installment purchase solution offers online businesses the opportunity to generate more revenue and increase customer satisfaction. ratenkauf by easyCredit is a product of the TeamBank AG, which is well-known among the end-customers and has an enormous trust as an expert for liquidity management and as a part of the Cooperative Financial Network Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken.”


About ratenkauf by easyCredit

With ratenkauf by easyCredit, online businesses can increase both their revenue and customer satisfaction. Since 2015, the fast, lean and frictionless purchase process of ratenkauf by easyCredit – both on the Internet and in the store – has convinced customers: they just need to enter their own data to receive an immediate decision. ratenkauf by easyCredit is the first payment solution that combines a simple and uniformly designed installment function for online and multichannel businesses. As a product of TeamBank AG, ratenkauf by easyCredit stands for fairness, transparency, and impeccable service.


About optile

optile is a next-generation payment platform that delivers a virtualization of the global payment market and thus serves as a cloud infrastructure for all payment methods, providers, processes, and data structures. With optile’s open payment platform, businesses can leverage unlimited payment opportunities by accessing any payment method and provider worldwide, giving businesses the independence, flexibility, and freedom to choose the payment solution that best fits their strategy. optile’s platform comes with a significantly reduced implementation time and minimizes technical and operational expenses. End customers can benefit from a whole new level of personalized payment experience due to optile’s advanced checkout architecture.

optile serves digital leaders and technical platform businesses from retail, travel, dating, gaming, and other industries.


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Olha Getalo


+49 (151) 22569421

[1] Numbers are taken from the study of the TeamBank AG „Einkaufswelten 2017“

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