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Powering through change: overcoming dynamic circumstances in online payments

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So far 2020 has been quite a bumpy ride that brought a wind of change to the entire payment and e-commerce industry. We learned that payments are the subject of constant transformation and unexpected events like COVID-19 can turn all plans upside down. No matter those obstacles, booming e-commerce brings a great deal of opportunities. This inspires businesses to invest their resources in growth, which inevitably results in a payment setup optimization. Juggling all the aspects of change, both positive and negative, is challenging. Watch optileLive: Powering through change session, and learn to use your payment setup to navigate through challenging times.

The event is led by industry experts, including Lochan Sim, VP of Strategic Partners & Sales @optile. It lasts around 60 minutes, including the Q&A. If you have any questions regarding the event, please forward them to us.

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About the speaker:


Lochan recently joined optile’s Partner Management team. Before making his move to optile he worked for Worldpay where he spent 13 years across the Cambridge and London offices in various roles from Sales to Product to Partnerships.

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Learn how to successfully navigate any payment challenges that may arise

Shaping the future of payments with optile

Join us on a journey of how to navigate through challenges and why payment orchestration should be paramount on your list to prepare for an uncertain future.


  • scale faster to any preferred market or region;
  • ensure a frictionless customer experience;
  • boost your conversions with one-click and express checkout;
  • automate transaction flows and benefit from lower processing fees;
  • make sure your customers’ payments go through;
  • prolong your customer lifetime value.

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