Higher Card Acceptance Rates with optile’s BIN Rules

 May 21st, 2019

Regulating transaction flows with the blocked and preferred BIN lists allows for a more detailed optimization of both transaction costs and payment success rates, which ultimately leads to revenue growth of optile’s existing and future customers.


Munich, May 21st, 2019 – Today, optile, a next-generation open payment platform for global online businesses, presents the launch of BIN Rules– a payment post-routing functionality that extends its routing capabilities by allowing to create custom BIN configurations for specified providers. Now merchants can either define a preferable routing option for certain BIN ranges or prevent those BINs from processing via a chosen provider.

“With every new feature we develop, we strive to improve the payment experience of our customers, contributing to their business success,” – says Tal Sela, Product Management Lead at optile. “BIN Rules is our new power-user feature designed to route payments in an even more detailed and customized way than before. We created BIN-Rules to ensure that merchants achieve maximal card acceptance rates and have minimal transaction costs at the same time.”

One of the primary goals of BIN Rules is to increase card acceptance rates while cutting payment transaction costs. Both of these factors depend on the locations and relationships of the issuing bank for the end-customer’s card and the acquiring bank of the merchant. Whereas cross-regional transactions are costly and usually regarded as carrying a higher risk, transaction fees are minimal if the payment is processed by the local acquirer. If the issuing card, that initiated the purchase, coincides with the acquiring bank of the merchant, the fee would not be charged and the card acceptance as well as the speed of the card processing would be the highest.

To process transactions through a desired acquirer, optile’s BIN Rules enables the creation of provider-specific blocked and preferred BIN lists. By adding a credit card’s BIN (or a range thereof) to the preferred list of a certain provider, the merchant prioritizes the routing of transactions with the specified BINs via the chosen provider over other providers. In doing so, e-businesses can route the transaction so that the issuing and acquiring bank are the same or are situated in the same country. The blocked BIN list prevents from a processing of transactions with a certain BIN (or a range thereof) via a specified provider. Adding BINs to a blocked list excludes the possibility that the card is processed via a provider that is not beneficial for the card purchases with a certain BIN number. From now on, optile’s business customers can access and configure their BIN Rules on optile’s Merchant Portal.

Such a post-routing strategy is especially for high-volume businesses with a subscription model where the lead time, the window between the order placement and delivery, plays a crucial role. In this case, however, not only card acceptance rates, but also the speed of transaction processing is important.

About optile


optile is a next-generation payment platform that delivers a complete virtualization of the global payment market and thus serves as a cloud infrastructure for all payment methods, providers, processes, and data structures.

With optile’s open payment platform, businesses can leverage unlimited payment opportunities by accessing any payment method and provider worldwide. They can gain independence, flexibility, and freedom in choosing the payment solution that fits their own business strategy. optile’s platform comes with a significantly reduced implementation time as well as minimizes technical and operational expenses. Meanwhile, end-customers can benefit from a whole new level of personalized payment experience due to optile’s advanced checkout architecture.

optile serves digital leaders and technical platform businesses from retail, travel, dating, gaming, and other industries.

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