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Partner Overview

Our Open Payment Ecosystem helps our partners to highlight their unique strengths and guarantees them to be a part of international network of payment partners and global online businesses. Due to optile’s Platform Technology, all parties of this network are seamlessly connected with each other. We virtualize the whole online payment world for payment players and businesses within a single platform.

Having connected to optile once, you will be able to instantly offer your payment setup to businesses without any additional integrations on their side. This also covers any updates you might perform – we will always take care of keeping merchants within our network up-to-date. Meanwhile, you will be able to hold the direct relationship with business clients.

Discover New Paths

Increase your revenue by reaching international enterprise customers. Talk to them directly without anyone interfering.

Team-up to Reach the Highest Mountains

Your new products can be tested and used right away, without any implementation by the enterprise client. This enables you to offer trials of your services and up-sell easily.

Climb Any Peaks

Extend your reach by aligning forces of Sales and Marketing. Have your newly won clients connect to you with a few clicks only – no additional technical set-up needed.

The first step to get somewhere is to choose the team you’re traveling with. Together with our partners we are building a unique, powerful, and efficient platform, so that our clients can discover new growth opportunities across different channels and countries.


Manuel Sandhofer, VP Sales and Partner at optile

Unique Benefits for Partners:

Access to Global Markets and International Clients

Reach new clients through optile open payment platform: the flexible structure makes your services available to all clients immediately – as soon as you are connected.

Experience new levels of growth with optile: quickly roll-out across markets and expand your services.

Full Control of Your Communication with a Client

Communicate your benefits directly to customers, as you yourself are best equipped to describe your products or services to them.

Be in control of your appearance: within the Open Payment Market, you can display all your products, services, and unique features.

Fast and Easy Product Adoption

We designed a quick and smooth merchant adoption process which introduces new products of yours into the client’s checkout and backend systems. New products can be tested and used right away, without any implementation by the client. This way both existing and future clients will be able to immediately enjoy all the services and benefits you offer.

Easy Product Trials and Up-Selling

Enjoy easy up-selling possibilities to your clients without any additional technical efforts on their side. Updates and upgrades of your products will be available to all clients in real time.

This enables you to offer trials of your services to anyone connected to optile’s platform. Easily convince potential customers of your products and benefits.

Cost and Support Reduction

Centralizing all technical matters at optile will result in saving you valuable resources, as there are no more additional additional support efforts on your side and no more additional implementation efforts and costs on the client’s side.

Joint Sales and Marketing Promotion

Benefit from mutual support and collaboration in sales campaigns.

Join optile’s marketing activities: co-branding, promotions, joint events, trade fairs, and collaborative marketing projects.

If you have any question about our partnership program, please feel free to contact our team:

Our Partners


We are constantly growing our Open Payment Ecosystem by bringing together new local and global payment players. Connect to optile and become a valuable member of our partner network.

Partner overview

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