Payment Orchestration and Beyond: Interview with Lochan Sim

 August 12th, 2020

2020 has shown us how unpredictable online payments and ecommerce can be. While this fast-paced industry dynamics can create obstacles for both payment players and merchants, it also opens up chances for agile development and growth.

“It’s always been hard to predict the future of payments and its impact on consumers, merchants, and payment providers themselves. For me, it’s been really exciting to be part of that.” – says Lochan Sim VP Strategic Partnerships & Sales who recently joined our team.

With 13 years of experience in payments, Lochan is a true expert in the field. In this interview, we talked with our new optiler about his view on payments and the value of partnerships. Also, we asked Lochan some personality questions which he was happy to answer. Read along!

Q: Lochan, why did you join optile?

A: I believe that it can be really difficult for a merchant to decide which provider to work with. There are so many providers out there –each of them is creating unique propositions and is doing a really good job of getting deeper into the value chain.

Moreover, each merchant should be able to access the best bits of every provider offering. That’s where I think Payment Orchestration becomes valuable to a number of businesses out there. With Payment Orchestration they can mix and match the best provider functionalities and create their own, perfectly tailored payment setup.

Besides, payments is always changing – this is what we’ve witnessed in recent news. An orchestration layer enables businesses to quickly adapt to any change that may arise. Having such a layer that is easy to use, integrate, and maintain is a huge value to customers and a really exciting growth area in payments.

Q: How do partnerships contribute to the entire growth of the company and why did you choose this as the area of your responsibility? 

A: In partnerships, 1+1 is greater than 2 – for example, our value proposition coupled with that of a commerce platform can present merchants with a much stronger set of benefits. And I think it is amazing because not only do you shape the future of commerce together with partners, but you also really help businesses achieve better results in a more efficient manner. Seeing the opportunity to create an idea, taking it to the market, seeing it succeed, and doing all of it over and over again is really fulfilling.


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Q: In your opinion, what is the most fascinating impact that payments make in people’s lives? 

A: About five years ago Uber came up with term uberfication. In the context of payments, this basically means a dissassociation of the action that you are doing from payments, like ordering a taxi. This approach has really put payments in the forefront, creating new business models and a new way of doing things, where payment becomes invisible and only supports the action that the user wants to perform.

I believe businesses need some form of orchestration layer to do that. And for us as a Payment Orchestration Platform it is really fascinating to be at the center of that, working with schemes, providers, and the entire network, really shaping the future of what customer experience looks like.


Personality Questions

Q: Are you enjoying the process or are you goal oriented?

A: Goal

Q: Are you productive in the morning or in the afternoon?

A: Afternoon

Q: Having a call or writing an email?

A: Call

Q: Working from home or in the office?

A: Office

Q: If you had a superpower, what would it be?

A: To fly

Q: Train or plane?

A: Train

Q: Favorite task management tool

A: Trello

Q: Netflix or Audible?

A: Netflix

Q: Last series you’ve watched

A: I don’t want to admit that. Last thing I watched…“Little Fires Everywhere“

Q: Last book you read

A: Black Box Thinking

Q: Favorite food

A: Sushi

Q: Name three objects you can’t imagine your day without

A: Phone, my clothes, my laptop.

Q: Coffee or tea?

A: Neither

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: Dogs

Q: Biking or jogging?

A: Biking

Q: Online shopping or in store?

A: Online

Q: If you could describe your life with a motto, what would it be?

A: Have fun

Q: Your typical workday starts with…

A: Chatting to the team

Q: Office hours, regulated or flexible?

A: Flexible

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