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Ensuring your enterprise security

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Fully PCI-compliant payment data protection

Security is a top priority for anyone processing payments. optile’s enterprise security exceeds industry standards – we guarantee the highest payment data security as attested by our compliance to the PCI DSS Level 1 standards.

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“Achieving and maintaining our PCI Compliance status is primordial to optile and online businesses. We know that our customers, partners, and employees value the hard work of keeping and raising the security level of our payment infrastructure. We seek to seize every opportunity to further learn and raise awareness about the state and importance of Information Security in the business and the payment industry.“

Norberto Soares, Information Security Officer at optile

PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance

Upon request, we can provide you with our PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance. To get the document, please contact our support team at support@optile.net.

Secure Storage

Protect your customer sensitive data.

Enable express, one-click and recurring checkout.

Avoid provider lock-ins.

Enjoy Smart Registrations

Save your customers’ time and avoid re-entering their payment data for each transaction. With optile’s Secure Storage, your customers only need to enter their payment data once upon registration. After that they can enjoy a smooth payment experience with every subsequent purchase. Your customers benefit from a faster checkout while you benefit from noticeably better conversion rates. This also gives you an opportunity to offer recurring payments.

Independently manage customer data

Stay in control of your customer sensitive data and offer a safe and comfortable shopping environment. optile lets you independently store and manage your customer’s data, avoiding any possible payment provider lock-ins. Planning to switch from your provider? We can migrate your customer payment data from previous providers to our independent Secure Storage. No additional effort is required from you during this process and your customers can continue shopping with the comfort that they are used to.


To ensure that your customer data is safely stored and used, we use a tokenization process for both credit cards and payment methods. Our Secure Storage stores encrypted customer data and automatically manages all the tokens of your connected payment providers. To guarantee data safety on the highest level, optile complies with a zero-knowledge principle. Both you and optile are required to have an access key in order to reuse the sensitive customer data. This frees you from any concerns regarding handling customer data since a transaction can be completed using a token.

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