Embrace Disruptive Change within the Payment Market

Ever-Changing Heterogeneous Market


A continuously evolving payments market causes uncertainty and complexity when finding and implementing a suitable payments solution.

High integration complexity prevents necessary adjustments to new market trends and introduction of innovative technologies. In order to offer advanced services, today’s changeable market requires fast and easy adoption of new technologies.

Customer-Centric Approach


Today, customers demand a world-class customer experience with exceptional convenience and ease while making payments.

In the era of Consumption Economy and Digital Commerce, customers purchase more frequently and in smaller amounts. They expect the payment process to be done in one click: easy, frictionless, fast, and secure. Thus, new business models emerge requiring minimal data entry for returning customers, pay-per-use, and flat rates.

Focusing on Core Objectives


While focusing on core objectives, companies use third party services to achieve better performance in various business areas.

To efficiently reduce efforts and costs, businesses need to rely on external suppliers instead of building solutions on their own. This way, businesses can enhance their processes and services by leveraging resources that do not belong to them. Tapping into dependable service providers and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure can contribute to a faster scalability and delivery of more competitive products.

Cross-Channel Payments


Rapid technological paradigm shifts have led to increased significance of enabling frictionless payments via mobile, IoT, connected devices, and mobility systems.

Businesses require highly-integrated systems as well as adaptation of their front ends and interfaces in order to give customer an opportunity to make cross-device payments with minimal data entry.

Digital Platform Economy


High-volume international platforms are rapidly growing their market share while creating new digital marketplaces and networks of affiliated partners.

Enterprises require highly scalable modular systems to grow faster. By creating an ecosystem of linked partners and providers, companies can scale more rapidly and generate higher profits.

Big Data Opportunities


To stay ahead of competition and comply with customer needs, enterprises need to constantly optimize their internal processes and provide first-class customer experience.

Lack of transparency prevents businesses from reacting in time to customer demands and market changes, and also impacts effective solution finding.  Properly gathered, structured, and visualized payment data allows for intelligent management and optimization of user experience along with processes like benchmarking, payment routing, analytics, smart recommendations by machine learning, and big data driven algorithms.

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